Month in Marrakech

Happy Friday everyone! This week I am writing my post from the city of Marrakech.  This city is known for it’s beautiful traditional  Moroccan homes called “Riads,” hot weather, and night life. Sadly, I will not be able to experience any of it (other than the 100 degree weather) because I am taking an intensive English teaching course every day. The days are long and full of work, but this is the last step I must complete before officially starting my job full time in Rabat. My next three posts will come from this crazy town.

I arrived here on Sunday with my extremely heavy luggage. Luckily my boyfriend, Alae, was there every step of the way to help me carry my bags and get settled in. The center where I am studying provided me with an apartment for the month. I share it with another American named Elizabeth from Kentucky. She makes me feel a little closer to home because Kentucky is so close to my home state of Ohio. As soon as we arrived, we were bombarded with work and long sessions. Everyday, we start class at 9 am and finish anywhere between 8pm- 10pm with only a two hour break for lunch. After we go home, we have another 3 hours of homework! I thought I was done with college!!!!!

I have not had the chance to go out and see the town because of this hectic schedule, but I did go to the famous square known as Jemma al-Fna. This is a large open market filled with performers, food stands, antique sellers, and even snake charmers. I was so tired that I only took one blurry picture. I am too embarrassed to even post it! I promise to post some nicer photos next week! The only picture I have for this week is from when I arrived in the train station. The long and hot five hour train ride from Rabat made arriving there seem like crossing the finish line of a marathon!

I think it is just because of the intense course I am taking, but I miss Rabat so much. It is a beautiful thing when you become homesick for a place other than your home. I have gotten used to the rhythm of my life in Rabat. I miss small things like the corner store at the top of my street and the sound of the tram from my bedroom window. I miss the familiar faces I see everyday. It feels good to feel so connected to my new city.

Next week, Alae is coming to visit. Hopefully, I will find some time to go out and sight-see so that I can tell you some interesting things about Marrakech. Until then, Have a great week!

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