Greetings from Morocco!

Happy Friday everyone! I apologize for not posting last week, but I got some shocking news as soon as I arrived. As you all know, I was supposed to start teaching English in October of this year in Rabat. When I landed in Morocco last week, I went to my future school to talk about the details of my contract. I found out that I will miss the orientation because I will still be completing my English teacher training in Marrakesh that weekend. I was told to come in on Wednesday for a one on one early orientation and then I went back to the apartment where I am staying to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

On Sunday night, I checked my email and found an urgent message from the school that gave me some surprising news. They realized that they were short on English teachers for the Summer session and asked me if I could start that Monday at 10am (aka THE NEXT DAY)! With no time to prepare a lesson plan, I went in early that day to find out what and who I was supposed to teach. They told me I would teach a class of 7-12 year old children Monday through Friday from 10am to 1pm for the entire month of July. I had exactly 15 minutes to come up with a lesson plan for the first day and I was terrified! I walked into the classroom with my heart beating out of my chest. The first students I saw were 10 year old Zineb and 11 year old Ghita. They looked just as nervous as I was. Another 6 students came in shortly after and nervously asked me “how are you, teacher?” They all reminded me of how scared I was when I walked into my first Arabic class. We started out with some easy icebreakers I remembered from drama club. We spent that first day going through every game I could think of for kids. As soon as I went home, I began surfing the internet for as many ESL activities as I could for children. I came up with a lesson plan, bought some coloring supplies, and even downloaded some fun interactive computer games. I finally felt like “Ms. Shante: English Teacher.” Today I finished my first work week! While I am so tired, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my students and this opportunity. Some of my students even gave me these drawings today!

IMG_3391 (1)IMG_3392 (1)

Aside from teaching, I have one more piece of news to share. For the first time since I started this blog, my curls were finally reunited with couscous! Here is a picture of the delicious dish I devoured for lunch!


I will make sure to update you all on how my class goes next week! Until then, enjoy your weekend everyone! ❤

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