Rolling with the Punches: Last Minute Things to Do in Your Hometown before Moving Abroad

You tell me. What am I doing with my final three days in the USA?

Is it:

A. Passing the time with family and friends

B. Visiting all the historic landmarks of my hometown one more time 

C. Curled up in bed with a fever


You guessed it: C.                                       DSC_0105

I have always considered myself a person with incredibly good and bad luck at the same time. There have been days I completely forgot about an exam only to find out it was postponed until the next class. Lucky. I have been sick on my birthday almost every year since I was thirteen. Unlucky. But in this case I am both. I am lucky in the sense that I get to have my mom take care of me one last time. I get to have her wrap me in blankets and kiss my forehead. I get to have her make me soup and bring me ginger ale. What makes me unlucky is that I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN! My body is sore from head to toe. My throat is killing me. I keep my eyes closed most of the time because the light makes my head hurt (See what I am willing to do for all of you! I will write a post even if I am on my deathbed.) Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. 

I thought that, in light of these unfortunate circumstances, I would make a list of all the things you should do in your hometown before moving abroad. Luckily, I was able to do these things before getting sick. 


  • Gather your favorite pictures of friends and family and print them out. There have been more than a few friends that request the same favor. “Put me in your suitcase and take me with you!” None of my friends way 50 lbs, so that option is out of the question. Instead, take a photograph of the two of you and print it out. You save so much room in your suitcase without the actual person stuffed in there, and you capture a beautiful moment to frame when you are in your new country!
  • Get physical addresses! Yes it’s nice to have a blog website or a Facebook page (Plug for the new Couscous & Curls Facebook Page! Like it at! One thing that I have always appreciated over any Facebook caption or Email is a nice handwritten postcard or letter. Keep in touch with loved ones the old fashioned way! You’ll be surprised how much it will be appreciated. If any of you would like a postcard once I am in Morocco, send a message to the Couscous & Curls Facebook page with the name and address you want me to send it to! This goes for anyone!
  • Enjoy your favorite home cooked meal (or restaurant) one more time. While I think my mom is a pretty great cook, I always miss blueberry pancakes from a nice American diner when I am abroad. Go out and treat yourself to that meal you crave, and don’t forget to find a great recipe for it to try out abroad!
  • Take some time for yourself. Trust me. I know that you want to spend every last minute with the people you won’t be able to see, but this is also a time for personal reflection. I have found great peace taking walks in local parks alone (literally strolling down memory lane), and wearing my cozy robe while watching early episodes of my all time favorite TV show: Supernatural. Taking time for yourself allows everything else to pause for a moment. As soon as these antibiotics kick in, I am ready to drive down these Ohio roads one last time while I sing along to the radio.


This is it you guys! Sorry this post was super short, but I have to follow doctor’s orders and get some rest. The next time I make a post I will have already left Ohio. Only a few more Fridays until I am in Morocco. Next stop: Italia! I think I can handle a few more weeks without couscous as long as I get to eat my host mother’s pasta ❤  


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